Somewhere between photography and illustration, influenced by cinema and pop culture, Simon Duhamel’s visuals register in a modern approach to photography. Photographer, retoucher and director of photography, Duhamel knows how to create unique scenes and ambience for each of his realizations, providing each project with a distinct visual signature.

His style is defined by his use of color, graphic compositions and constructed visuals. He recently started integrating CGI to his work to expand the possibilities, creating a reality of his own. His personal work tends to be more introspective and expresses his concern with identity and the feeling of displacement.

Early 2009, Simon co-founded Made of Stills, a community of Montreal artists involved in visual arts that now shares a 10,000 sq ft space, including 4 studios.

He now runs under Consulat, a talent agency he co-founded in 2013.

He has collaborated with agencies such as AllofUs, BleuBlancRouge, ColumnFive, Cossette, DentsuBos, Lg2, Marketel, Sid Lee as well as directors Julien Vallée, Greg Barth and Guillaume Blanchet.


+1 (514) 583 4665


160 St-Viateur E.
Studio 221
Montreal (Québec)

Represented in Canada by

 Le Consulat



For Inquiries please contact
Sébastien Boyer / Producer
+1 (514) 508 4848



Impact de Montréal
New Era
Toys’R Us
Banque Nationale
MTV Australia



2017 Cannes Lions Bronze Print and Publishing / AXA
2017 Lux Prize / Pipeline
2017 Lux Prize / W-Hoop
2017 Applied Arts Photo Annual for D.O.P. / Slid Lee Collective 
2017 CREA Grand Prize Non Profit / Jour de la Terre 
2017 CREA Prize point of sale / Sherlock
2016 Bronze Marketing Awards / Sherlock
2016 Communication Arts Photo Annual / Sherlock
2016 Applied Arts Photo Annual / Sherlock
2016 Applied Arts Photo Annual / Bouffe
2016 CREA Grand Prize in Photography / Sherlock
2016 CREA Grand Prize point of Sale / Sherlock
2016 CREA Prize Humanitarian Causes / Jour de la Terre Polluchons
2016 Lux Grand Prize / Sherlock
2016 Lux Grand Prize / Bloom Maestro
2016 Lux Grand Prize / Décalage
2016 Lux Grand Prize / Bouffe
2016 Lux Prize Direction of Photography / Elektra 2015
2015 Cannes Lions Outdoors Shortlist / Superclub Videotron
2015 CREA Grand Prize in Photography / Superclub Videotron
2015 CREA Grand Prize Magazine / Superclub Videotron
2015 CREA Prize Humanitarian Causes / Jour de la Terre Pinata
2015 Lux Grand Prize / Superclub Videotron
2015 Lux Grand Prize / In Between
2015 Lux prize / Overpass
2015 Lux prize / Hemovel
2015 Lux prize / Jour de la Terre Pinata
2015 Grafika Grand Prize / Hermes Metamorphose

2014 Applied Arts Photo Annual / Overpass 
2014 Applied Arts Photo Annual / In Between
2014 Applied Arts Photo Annual / Jour de la Terre Pinata
2014 Grafika prize / Wixx
2014 Grafika prize / Jour de la Terre Pinata
2014 CREA Grand Prize Magazine / CREA comme tout le monde
2014 CREA PLV / Sloche Pizzaghetti
2013 Lux Prize Direction of Photography / Elektra
2012 Boomrang Grand Prize for Interactive Marketing / Sloche Creme a barbe
2012 Lux Grand Prize Personal Research / BURNT
2012 Lux Grand Prize Cultural Event / Quat’sous 
2012 Lux Grand Prize Object Still Life / YOTA 
2012 Grafika Prize in Animation / MTV Hits
2012 Grafika Prize in Animation / Passion Pit
2012 Grafika Prize in Event Website / Sloche Paparmane
2011 Lux Grand Prize in Unpublished Portraits / WANTED
2011 Lux Prize in Object Still Life / Denis Gagnon
2011 Applied Arts Photo Annual Magazine Cover / Urbania 
2010 Lux Photography Grand Pruze / Thermoplastic 
2010 Lux Grand Prize in Stop Motion / DanseDance
2010 Magazine Quebec Cover of the Year award 
2010 Applied Arts Photo Annual Fashion and Beauty / Kaaz
2010 Applied Arts Annual in Advertising / STM
2010 Grafika Grand Prize in Motion Design / STM
2009 Promax DBA Gold / ARTV ID
2009 PDN Pix Digital Imaging Contest New Talent Grand Prize / Kaaz 
2006 Lux Grand Prize Student Series / Case Closed