Somewhere between photography and illustration, influenced by cinema and pop culture, Simon Duhamel’s visuals register in a modern approach to photography. Photographer, retoucher and director of photography, Duhamel knows how to create unique scenes and ambience for each of his realizations, providing each project with a distinct visual signature.

His style is defined by his use of color, graphic compositions and constructed visuals. He recently started integrating CGI to his work to expand the possibilities, creating a reality of his own. His personal work tends to be more introspective and expresses his concern with identity and the feeling of displacement.

Early 2009, Simon co-founded Made of Stills, a community of Montreal artists involved in visual arts that now shares a 10,000 sq ft space, including 4 studios.

He now runs under Consulat, a talent agency he co-founded in 2013.

He has collaborated with agencies such as AllofUs, BleuBlancRouge, ColumnFive, Cossette, DentsuBos, Lg2, Marketel, Sid Lee as well as directors Julien Vallée, Paul Trillo, Greg Barth and Guillaume Blanchet.


+1 (514) 583 4665


160 St-Viateur E.
Studio 221
Montreal (Québec)

Represented in Canada by

 Le Consulat



For Inquiries please contact
Sébastien Boyer / General Manager
+1 (514) 508 4848



Cirque du Soleil
Impact de Montréal
New Era
Toys’R Us
Banque Nationale
MTV Australia



2019 Communication Arts Newspaper Ad / Berlitz
2019 CREA Grand Prize in Written Press / Berlitz
2019 Applied Arts Photo Annual / Fizz launch campaign
2019 Lux Prize / Berlitz
2019 Lux Prize / Jour de la Terre
2018 Lux Grand Prize / Sherlock
2018 Lux Prize / Books & Clothes
2018 Lux Prize / Introspect
2018 CREA Grand Prize in Photography / Sherlock
2018 CREA Prize Interior Poster Campaign / Sherlock
2018 CREA Prize Ad in Magazine / Laxaday
2017 Cannes Lions Bronze Print and Publishing / AXA
2017 Lux Prize / Pipeline
2017 Lux Prize / W-Hoop
2017 Applied Arts Photo Annual for D.O.P. / Slid Lee Collective 
2017 CREA Grand Prize Non Profit / Jour de la Terre 
2017 CREA Prize point of sale / Sherlock
2016 Bronze Marketing Awards / Sherlock
2016 Communication Arts Photo Annual / Sherlock
2016 Applied Arts Photo Annual / Sherlock
2016 Applied Arts Photo Annual / Bouffe
2016 CREA Grand Prize in Photography / Sherlock
2016 CREA Grand Prize point of Sale / Sherlock
2016 CREA Prize Humanitarian Causes / Jour de la Terre Polluchons
2016 Lux Grand Prize / Sherlock
2016 Lux Grand Prize / Bloom Maestro
2016 Lux Grand Prize / Décalage
2016 Lux Grand Prize / Bouffe
2016 Lux Prize Direction of Photography / Elektra 2015
2015 Cannes Lions Outdoors Shortlist / Superclub Videotron
2015 CREA Grand Prize in Photography / Superclub Videotron
2015 CREA Grand Prize Magazine / Superclub Videotron
2015 CREA Prize Humanitarian Causes / Jour de la Terre Pinata
2015 Lux Grand Prize / Superclub Videotron
2015 Lux Grand Prize / In Between
2015 Lux prize / Overpass
2015 Lux prize / Hemovel
2015 Lux prize / Jour de la Terre Pinata
2015 Grafika Grand Prize / Hermes Metamorphose

2014 Applied Arts Photo Annual / Overpass 
2014 Applied Arts Photo Annual / In Between
2014 Applied Arts Photo Annual / Jour de la Terre Pinata
2014 Grafika prize / Wixx
2014 Grafika prize / Jour de la Terre Pinata
2014 CREA Grand Prize Magazine / CREA comme tout le monde
2014 CREA PLV / Sloche Pizzaghetti
2013 Lux Prize Direction of Photography / Elektra
2012 Boomrang Grand Prize for Interactive Marketing / Sloche Creme a barbe
2012 Lux Grand Prize Personal Research / BURNT
2012 Lux Grand Prize Cultural Event / Quat’sous 
2012 Lux Grand Prize Object Still Life / YOTA 
2012 Grafika Prize in Animation / MTV Hits
2012 Grafika Prize in Animation / Passion Pit
2012 Grafika Prize in Event Website / Sloche Paparmane
2011 Lux Grand Prize in Unpublished Portraits / WANTED
2011 Lux Prize in Object Still Life / Denis Gagnon
2011 Applied Arts Photo Annual Magazine Cover / Urbania 
2010 Lux Photography Grand Pruze / Thermoplastic 
2010 Lux Grand Prize in Stop Motion / DanseDance
2010 Magazine Quebec Cover of the Year award 
2010 Applied Arts Photo Annual Fashion and Beauty / Kaaz
2010 Applied Arts Annual in Advertising / STM
2010 Grafika Grand Prize in Motion Design / STM
2009 Promax DBA Gold / ARTV ID
2009 PDN Pix Digital Imaging Contest New Talent Grand Prize / Kaaz 
2006 Lux Grand Prize Student Series / Case Closed